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Enthymematic Arguments help?

Here is an Enthymeme, support the missing parts.

Only Cleetis’s family members are slack-jawed yokels. So not everyone who takes logic is a member of Cleetis’s family!

Here are the possible correct answers (several can be correct)

A. Several slack-jawed yokels are persons who take logic.

B. A few of Cleetis’ family members take logic.

C. Some takers of logic are slack-jawed yokels.

D. Few who take logic are slack-jawed yokels.

E. Not all people who take logic are slack-jawed yokels.

F. Only slack-jawed yokels take logic.

G. All slack-jawed yokels are Cleetis’ family members.

H. Some slack-jawed yokels are not non-logic takers.

I. A slack-jawed yokel is a person who takes logic.

Thanks for your help.

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Will this be on the final exam?

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Perhaps this will help you: find out the assumed (non stated) premise and you’ll solve it.