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Entertaining a 2 1/2 year old?

I’m a stay at home mom with a 2 1/2 year old girl and a newborn-I’m trying to find something I can do with my daughter to entertain her during the week. I’d like to have different days designated for certain activities (Monday: painting day…etc) .I just can’t come up with enough ideas for her to do. All ideas are welcome! FYI: educational ideas are ok too.

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Monday: drawing/painting/art

Tuesday: zoo

Wed: Park

Thurs: outdoor games

Fri: Movie

Sat: learning games

Sun: relax

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hey there! Have you ever thought about putting your daughter in a Mommy’s day out 2 or 3 days a week? That helps a lot with entertaining/keeping her busy. It also can be a teaching experience for her. Plus it gives you a break. I also have a 2 1/2 year old boy. I have a hard time keeping him entertained. Maybe you could take her to the park or an inside play place for one day. Have 2 days for painting/reading/coloring/playing with her toys/puzzles. Let her watch 30 minutes of tv once or twice a week. Remember kids like repetition so if she’s happy doing 3 or 4 activities a day, maybe repeat those a few times a week until she gets bored of it and change it to something else. If you can find any other stay-at-home moms in your area you could get together and let the kids play. Sorry if I’m not much help.

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I use to work with 2 year olds and their attendation spand is very short. Any Ideas that you come up with try and not make them over from 30 to an 45 minutes long.

some Ideas that you could do are the Following:

1. Go to your local Library and see what programs they offer for 2 and 3 years.

2. You could take her to the park or playground

3. Look in your County to see if there are any classes that you do with your daughter like “Mommy and Me”.

4.They do have games for 2 and 3 years at the store you could possibly buy one for her and you to play with.

5. Go for a Walk. Put her in a stroller and go for a walk. Children her age love that type of thing and you get some excerise as well.

6. You can finger paint by using Jello Pudding. It’s easy and washable and not to mention easy to clean up.


1. get a clear, white, or black Trash bag one that is big enough to cover either half or the whole table; tape underneath .

2. Let her help you make her favorite flavor of Pudding. If you use vanilla you can put different food coloring in it to change the color if you want.

3. Put some on the table and let her go to town. She’ll love it, because she will be able to EAT IT!

What ever you have her do you should do it with her. I hope these help.


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Monday – painting (each week you can mix it up by using

different things to paint with-fingers, cookie

cutters, paint brushes, old toothbrushes, large

marble, sponges. You can also mix a little paint

with bubbles and let the bubbles land on a piece

of paper. Looks really neat.

Tuesday – play dough (there are a lot of homemade recipes

she could even help you make and add her own


Wednesday – park (if it is rainy or cold you could go to a mall

where they have an indoor play area)

Thursday – water play (if you don’t have a water table you can

get a large bowl and cups and spoons; anything

scoop and pour) you can also do this for sand

play too

Friday – you could bake or cook together.

Or make your shopping list together and let her help

with the grocery shopping. (let her count the items

that you need

Saturday – Chalk (she can even make her own with your help)

it is something you can do indoor or outside.

Sunday – movies (let her pick one a few days before to have

it to look forward to it)

Here are some other ideas:


*beans(put some dried beans in a shoe box sized container

with some measuring cups and spoons)

* magazines (get some old magazines that she can just look


*bubbles (fun anytime and cheap)

*small notebook and something to write with.

*stickers and sticker book

* Books Books Books (you can go to the library and get

some “special” books that she has only at certain


I hope this is helpful. I have 3 boys and always looking for ideas myself.


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I teach two year olds at a daycare. We do weekly themes. For instance this week is Good Manners Week. Next week is Family Week. Some of our other different weeks are: Down on the Farm, Happy Holidays, Down in the Pumpkin Patch, Zoo Animals, and Take Me Out to the Ball Game to name a few.

On our lesson plans everything we do coincides with our theme: Books, Art Projects, Sensory Activity–fingerpainting, pudding, bubblewrap, etc., Science/Math, Group Game/Large Muscle Activity, and Music.

If something doesn’t get done one day I try to do it the next.

You could also do one day as a Baking Day–cookies, brownies, fruit salad, etc.


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Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be fix though.

Pick anything that you see in your eyes and teach your kids. For example, so happen you and your kids are on a bus to somewhere, if you see something interesting like “a person spit from the window”, then you can teach her the manner~ (in which what attitude is right what is not). Or, something interesting you read from the newspaper also can be a teaching material.

Learning is anytime, anywhere, besides the materials you can get from the shelf, pick up anything that you see/hear to be the teaching material and teach then on the spot is the best too!

My 4 year old likes look at the cloud and imagine what he saw when we travel by car, sometimes he saw a dragon, sometimes he saw a house 🙂 where his creative flies….


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Corey L
Monday: Ice Cream

Tuesday: Park

Wednesday: Watch Elmo, Sesame Street, etc.

Thursday: Play games

Friday: Watch Movies

Saturday: Chill Out

Sunday: Swimming Pool

I don’t know, but thats what i would really do. well, except for wednesday. lol


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Try having a theme for each day like a letter, number, animal, etc. Each day plan an art or craft, a story, a game or activity, and a snack that relates to the theme. It’s educational and fun.

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start teaching her words, her ABC, 1 to 10 etc as even if she cant remember them they do sink into her mind and Will help later, also read with her let he recognise words and pictures, let her help you with the baby it will help both her and bonding, let her help you in the kitchen and around the house and give lots and lots of praise when its due, treat her like a mini adult or a 5 year old not a baby, good luck and happy times ahead

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Al B
For education, sit her at your computer and go to starfall.com where she can play games and learn at the same time. Everyone with children I have told about this has loved the educational aspects of that and I just heard of an adult learning to read for the first time using that as well.