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Does anyone knows the meaning of these words?

harbinger, and haughtiness

and please if it isn’t to much trouble can i ask you what these two names means!!

“Berenice and Egaeus”

Please do forgive my poor english because my first language is portuguese ok!!!

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Harbinger: it means a person or sign or event that speaks about a future event. So we might say, “The dark clouds are a harbinger of rain.” This means that the dark clouds are a sign that it will rain later.

Haughtiness: it means snobby or arrogant. So we might say, “The young man’s haughtiness turned off his prospective bride.”

“Berenice” is Macedonian. It means “bringing victory.”

The closest to “Egaeus” I could find is “Egeus” It is from Greek and means “shield” or “protection.”


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The Man
Berenice is a short by Edgar Allan Poe narrated by Egaeus. I’m sure if you google it or look it up in Wikipedia you’ll find out more info but they 2 proper names….HOPE THIS HELPS!

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A harbinger is a sign of things to come. Haughtiness is the quality of being arrogant.

Berenice’s name (which means “bringer of victory”) comes from a poem by Callimachus. In the poem, Berenice promises her hair to Aphrodite if her husband returns from war safely. Egaeus may come from Aegeus, a legendary king of Athens who had committed suicide when he thought his son Theseus had died attempting to kill the Minotaur.


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Harbinger is a person who announces your arrival.

Haughtiness is arrogance and pride……meaning proud.

Sorry, I do not know the meaning of the 2 names.

No need to ask for forgiveness because your English is alright. Well done……

correction : Does anyone KNOW…….. :~)


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What do you imply, “no dishonest”??? This internet site is not a few style of contest. It’s a situation to gain knowledge of stuff. I consider you will have to be comfortable that persons are inclined to aid you uncover whatever (despite the fact that i dont recognize why you cant uncover it your self). Why do you care in which they get the reply? This is ridiculous.