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Do I REALLY have to attend a community college?

i have this feeling that I have to attend a community college based on my statistics.

But my question is, what colleges will accept me? I know it depends on what I want to study, but I’m just asking about it overall. What colleges will I be able to attend?

I have a 3.61 GPA unweighted, 4.32 unweighted and a 2100 SAT score.

-volunteered at a hospital every week for two years

-taught at a science museum

-volunteered at an arts center.

-VP of the national science honor society

-I have a skill in dance so I organized a dance program for little kids which raised nearly $1000.

-biotech summer camp for one summer

-took dance for 8 years

-took singing lessons for 3 years

-debate team (3 years)

-environmental club (4 years)

-community/school volunteer club (2 years)

-was a finalist for a vocab bee 3 times

-won first place in singing once

What colleges do you think will accept me?

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uhm…this is a dumb question…you know you’d look good to any college

Also…isn’t the highest score on the SAT a 1600?


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Given your GPA and your SAT score, you should be smart enough to figure out on your own that you will be able to get into many different universities. No, you may not get into the Ivy league, but obviously you will be able to get into some great colleges. Have you not taken the time to look at various school’s websites to see what their average incoming freshman GPA and SAT score is? If so, that would give you a feel for what your chances are. I don’t know what statistics you are looking at.

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You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. However, community college is very affordable I mean you can pay for your tuition right out of your pocket. You can take all prerequisites and receive an Associates Degree in 2 years. Plus all your achievements from high school. Then you can transfer to a 4 year university to finish up. Do the math it makes sense to go to a community college first.

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First off- it sounds like your issue isn’t getting into college but rather confidence.

Second- there are many reasons people attend community colleges. Often it has more to do with the career path they want to follow than with poor grades or a lack of intelligence. For example if you want to work in the trades, culinary arts, early childhood education, cosmetology, massage therapy, nursing or any number of fields a community or technical college is often a better route than a traditional four year college.

There is also a financial advantage. If you are unsure of what you want to study or of what type of school is a good fit then getting your general education requirements done at a two year school makes a lot of sense.


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it sounds like you have some good qualifications that would make a good app for college. Go for it. Your GPA is fair enough, and you’ve done quite a bit of community service. Odds are that city college will accept you.

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I agree with the other answerer–are you being serious or just trying to show off? You might not get into Harvard or Yale or something but there are plenty of other good, NON COMMUNITY COLLEGE schools that will be happy to take you. Get real.

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No, you can go to a state college or state University.