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Difference between audience, observers and spectators?

I checked the dictionary but they all are very similar to one another.. but there must be something that differs one from the other – like crush, grind, break, pound, mince and so on….

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It is audience. Observers could just happen to be there and see, spectators see things that are gorey as in spectator sports. An audience pays to see a show.

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An audience is a gathering of spectators or listeners at a public event like a play or speech. It is a given that if it is a play or performance, they are there to be entertained. (That’s the big hint your sentence gives you.)

Observers watch, but they are not involved in events or there to be entertained. They could be paid to observe, or there to review or judge. They are there deliberately to observe. The word implies a distance from the observer’s emotions, so they would not be clapping and cheering.

Spectators are also there to watch. but they could be there by accident. They are not there to judge or enjoy. Spectators might have seen an accident on the road.Spectators tends to imply a more accidental or voyeuristic aspect, unless otherwise indicated.

Participants are involved. That changes the meaning of the sentence so that the actors would be clapping. So you’re right that participants is wrong.

The audience clapped and cheered after watching a great performance at a play.

a) audience

b) observers

c) spectators

d) participants