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█ Can you write a little HALLOWEEN story that includes 6 of these song titles?

1. Somewhere in the vicinity of the heart

2. Run for your life

3. Laugh laugh

4. Down came a blackbird

5. Breathless

6. If I had a hammer

7. Your feets too big

8. Can’t you hear my heartbeat

9. Put your hand in the hand

10. If I only had a brain

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Trick Or Treat!

The children in the the neighborhood were running, screaming,dressed in costumes, with plans for a great time!

Without warning 4.) Down came a blackbird. 2) Run for your life!! they began to yell!!3.) Laugh laugh, the teenagers saw this as an opened invitation to be mischievous.

As the small children were running about, (over a loud speaker) a voice began to speak.The voice sounded 5)Breathless…the kids began to look around, trying to see where the voice was coming from.

The voice said Ohhhh if I only had a brain…the children stopped. Come to me….(the voice echoed)..I will give you candy..EEEEEEE. 6.) if I had a hammer…I could smush you like peanuts!!

Once more over the loud speaker, they heard the voice say 8)”Can’t you hear my heartbeat?'” The teens were having a blast. When behind them walked up a Police Officer who said…maybe they can’t, but I can. the fun is over boys! Let’s see how funny the judge thinks this is.

You’re going in for disturbing the peace.


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at some point on Halloween evening a mystical secret excursion instruction manual had arrived. I felt something in my spirit he grew to become into approximately six feet away on the long and winding street. song! song! song! he stated as. A blackbird flew on his shoulder. Run on your life my strategies stated. Then I appeared up. He grew to become into the Monster Mash, Eyes without face. If purely I had a strategies i presumed i could run away. Then his blood began streaming down my face. He had struck. He began to strike a splash boys neck. It grew to become right into a ghost. He killed the little boy purely as violent because it ought to be yet then right this moment I felt something grab my neck he grew to become into going for me! He grew to become into protecting my neck i began out to tutor blue he punched me in my face. He hung me on a tree used me as a dartboard and drowned me decrease than the circulate. The ghost has struck back. If purely I had run away. i grew to become into ineffective. I knew it he lifted me up positioned a knife in my area and purely water got here out. Byebye me on that haloween evening that grew to become into considered one of those fright.

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I wasn’t gonna…….. but the only answer was ridiculous. I HATE when people are stupid like that. What a ****.

Give me a little bit. I’ll see what i can come up with. It wont be good; i’m tired, but at least it’ll be better than “DUH I”M STUPID SO I SAID “UM NO” whatever. Freaking wanker.

*sighs* thats the word of the night!

Give me some time. I’ll see what i can do. Ok?

Voici ~ Viola:

It had been one of those days; or nights rather. Beans had stayed up ALL night again, doing this that and the other thing. There was a lot done, yet nothing done. At least by her standards. Hmmm typical.

(10) “IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN, she thought. I’d of gone to bed. I didn’t get much accomplished, did i?”

She looked over at the huge mess on her floor. Books in the corner, drawings strewn about the coffee table, and a picture on the floor by the bookshelf. She had taken the picture down for some odd reason, and the nail had come loose from the wall. (6) “IF I HAD A HAMMER,” she thought, “and a nail, i could hang that bloody thing back up.” Too bad she had packed away her tools.

Oh well, there were a lot more important things to deal with, and think over. There was A LOT on her mind; namely previous acquaintences doing what bothered her most…… bothering her! It seems they had stumbled over a few of her stories, and arrogantly assumed she was writing about them. They tended to be very self-involved people. Narcissits by every definition of the word. Always looking for reasons to bring her up in a conversation, only to trash talk her. And now, they had spread the word that Beans had been writing about them. “They must have a guilty conscience,” she thought, “Otherwise they wouldn’t have thought so.”

Then she sighed. “Oh well, i guess that gives me permission to make an utter disgrace of them in print for real now doesnt it?” she said, “Since they already think i’m making fun of them why not REALLY do it!” (But she wasn’t sure if she was going to do that; it did seem kind of a mean thing to do.)

Then she went on her computer and decided to answer some questions. She was bored. But, she wasnt really thrilled to answer anything. Seems someone who she thought wasnt all that bad an individual, though she had only met her a few months before, WAS making fun of a very good friend of hers, by paralleling her to a 19th century bar whore in a brothel. (she could be wrong, but it REALLY seemed that way) At least by all physical characteristics assigned her, it was nearly Madeline* to a tee. (minus the hair colour; depending on the story.) That wasn’t funny to Beans. Madeline* was very precious to Beans; and she didn’t care to hear her made fun of.

Beans knew the good and bad about the woman, but it really didn’t matter. Neither did it matter who did and who did not care for her. Beans had been told once or twice, that ‘no friend of Madeline was any friend of ‘theirs’.” Those same people had also called Madeline a lot of other not so nice things, that Beans would never tell her. It’d hurt her very badly. “Oh well,” she’d think. “I guess ‘they’ are not worth being friends with. Who cares ‘who’ they are and what ‘they’ can do. If Madeline’s not good enough, then i guess I’m just not either.” That was the bottom line. She was ridiculously loyal to Madeline.

Truth be told, she lost a ton of favour with people for even mentioning Madeline’s name, though she wasn’t in the best of conditions herself. (Beans was up craps creeque without a paddle most days) Beans had even heard that someone was going to sue Madeline. (1) SOMEWHERE IN THE VICINITY OF THE HEART there was indignation. Madeline was a very close friend of Beans, and she knew her well. “They’ll sue her over my dead body.” Beans muttered. “I’ll hog tie them and whip them with the tail end of a lamppost before they EVER take her to court!” she thought aloud. Beans had her own litigation problems presently, but rumours of Madeline’s own legal troubles somewhat piss*ed her off.

She had been meaning to call and ask Madeline about that, if it were true; but she wasn’t sure how to go about it. And Madeline hadn’t really been speaking to her much lately.

Even so, Beans was no dummy. She knew Madeline sometimes didn’t always do things on the up and up, especially when she was angry over something dumb; so it was always wise to be careful. Yet, at the same time, Madeline was a pretty decent individual, unless her reputation was under scruitiny. Sometimes Madeline had to do what she had been ordered to do; (as she was somewhat in the middle of things sometimes) But a lot of the time, it was because she wanted to.

There had been a few times that Madeline had tried to be clever in little things… even with her dealings with Beans; but Beans always outsmarted her, or at least caught on, even if she took some hardknocks. Beans knew her so well, she’d know Madeline anywhere, even if Beans was blindfolded AND in the dark. It was all good though. Those few little instances made Beans a little worried, (okay ALOT worried) but her curiousity as to WHY always outweighed the fear. In any case, Madeline was precious to Beans; and she took personal indignation and offense when others would insult and (3) LAUGH LAUGH at her. It just was so not cool.

Besides, those others, they weren’t anybody to her, so what’s a little rejection from people she didn’t care to have anything to do with anyways? It really didn’t bother her at all, that was the funny part. Names and reputations and occupations considered, anybody who couldn’t be kind to Madeline, was no one Beans ever wanted to associate with. It was as simple as that.

As for Madeline*, well if and when there was a tad bit of duplicity on her part, Beans would deal with it. (kindly of course) But, she always knew when Madeline was up to something. Though people often called her stupid for always taking Madeline’s side. But it was Beans’ decision to. (she always forgave Madeline; though she didn’t have to. Madeline was her friend, whether she was a great one or not was disputable sometimes; but whatever; nobody’s perfect.)

Suddenly a knock on the door brought her out of deep thought. It was Reginald. Beans excitedly opened the door. She hadn’t spoken to Reginald in a long time. Reggie was her neighbour. He walked in excitedly and gave Beans a hug. Reggie was a very funny guy. They talked for a bit, and Reggie told her promptly she needed a new mix of music to play. It was true, the chemical bros & the crystal meth were getting old. As was all the European dance/trance music.

He walked over and started playing with her hair, pulling it off of her shoulders. “What IS IT with men and playing with my hair?!” she asked laughingly. (Marvin loved to play with her hair too!)

Then they talked about a lot of things. Reggie showed her his halloween costume. He was going as hannibal lecter. “Clarice,” he muttered. She finished with, “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a fine chianti.” They both were ‘silence of the lambs’ fans. Then they talked about a lot of things. Beans mentioned needing a new pair of doc martins, to which Reggie showed her, his. “You wanna try them on?” he asked. “No,” she said, “(7) YOUR FEETS TOO BIG.” Then they finished up the conversation, mostly about music, and he went on his way. Reggie was a dear friend. Beans liked him a lot, he was very funny. He gave her a hug goodbye then jokingly said, (8)” CAN’T YOU HEAR MY HEARTBEAT?” “No,” she mused, “But i can hear you breathing.” Anyways, they said their goodbyes and he was off.

Beans sat back down at the computer, and decided to turn off the music she had been listening to ALL darn nite.

Then she noticed a few things there on that kind of irritated her. (2) “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE,” she said aloud, eyeing up something very stupid on the screen. Then she sighed. “Oh well,” she said. “I guess it’s time to take a shower, then answer more questions until i’m tired enough to go to sleep.”

Then she paused and thought, “Maybe if i take a short nap, i’ll be refreshed to do other thing later. I do have important things to.” She had a ton of things to do. She was also debating about calling Madeline, but wasn’t sure if she was going to bring up the suit she had heard rumour about. IT was probably like every other rumour, and it wasn’t even true. Even so, it worried her a bit.

She answered a few more questions, then decided it was time to go to bed, for a little while.

♥the end♥

10 6 1 7 8 2

Two things:

1) This story is based loosely on actual events. Some details have been altered slightly for literary purposes (i.e., to squeeze those lines in there!)

2) the term ‘literary purposes’ should be used lightly in this context. This story is awful; absolutely bloody awful. I think it’s quite possible the best piece of garbage i’ve ever put out.

ALSO: I do so hope that someone else posts a story. Not only is this terrible and not worth a BA or 10 pts… it is also not on the subject asked for. I do not celebrate halloween. I’m creative enough to have come up with a fanciful literary tale about it, but…. i was very tired; so i chose reality. Sorry.