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Can you please check my English if it is good enough in this short paragraph?


Based on the guidance the from program office, your project is included in the “development of community economy” component. When you see the indicators in that component, it is shown that not all indicators are appropriate for your project. This is different from AMARTA Project of which all of the project indicators are similar with the indicators in the Operational Plan

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I might word it a little differently, but it is ok.


Based on the program office guidelines, your project is included in the “development of community economy”. The indicators in that component show that not all of the indicators are appropriate for your project. This is different from AMARTA Project where the indicators are similar to those in the Operational Plan.


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intelligent fool
Its ok…just some grammatical error….

so here it goes…

“Based on the guidance from the program office, your project has been included in the “Development of Community economy” component. In this component, not all the indicators are appropriate for your project. On the other hand, the AMARTA Project has all the indicators as in the Operational Plan. ”



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