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why do Filipinos patronize English readings than Filipino readings?

Some Filipino are fond of reading materials written in English rather than those written in Filipino.

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you cannot blame the filipinos. they’ve had a painful history. being colonized for so many years will only result to nothing but say ‘low self-esteem.’ we are so colonial, we always think that everything not filipino is better (e.g. the proliferation of ukay-ukay).

anyway, we patronize English readings than Filipino readings because (1) the f***ing government made it mandatory, (2) we think one is more intelligent when he speaks english, (3) it is what is more available.

at the individual level, you can’t blame filipinos reading english novels, and english newspapers, and everything english because that’s what they were trained to do. i am a filipino but i have a hard time writing in my own language. hell, my diary is in english. because i was never trained to write in any other language.

to have filipinos read filipino stuff takes nothing but pure and simple political will.


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I have opinions about this:

-Philippines is composed of different languages/dialects and each island has different dialect too. So as to be able to communicate with other people, one must speak English or Pilipino language.

-Most schools there esp in remote places/urban areas; far away from Manila that doesn’t speak Tagalog, mostly use reading/teaching materials in English rather than Pilipino. And Pilipino language is only a part of a subject to be taken in school.

-English has the biggest opportunity to get a well paid job (just in case to deal with foreign countries or the counter part is a foreign country).

-English is the global language. So as everyone could understand each other if they speak English rather than their own language (e.g in offices of Foreign Affairs; agencies; embassies; and the like)

-Just like some other countries who don’t speak English, they can be hardly understood.

Don’t blame these Filipinos if they read such materials in English, rather you have to be proud that they are trying hard for themselves to know English beside their own language.

Filipinos are recognized to have the most population who could speak English aside from their own and this is a step to engage in foreign relation affairs.


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Don Q
Filipinos in general are not patriotic in nature, they even forget easily.