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Eddie C

Why didn’t rueters not add links to Geronimo’s name but did to “Wyatt Earps” and “Wild West Days?”

The was a news report about the weapons sold at auction and two of the guns were Geronimos rifle that fetched, I believe $100,00 and the other one was Wyatt Earps shotgun for 65,000. The name Wyatt Earp and Wild West Days had links to find more information about them and the events. However, there was no links for Geronimo, why is that?? It raised the suspicion of segregation. Geronimo was a very famous native american that the white people are taught about in school. I see no reason why, if Rueters reports that he (Geronimo) is so important, they cant add links to this true HERO!! Shame on you rueters!!

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John H

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It just shows their bias.