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Which schools would I get into? ACT: 28…4.0/5 GPA?

hat universities can I get into? ACT 28? GPA–extra curriculars

So I’m a junior this year- and i was wondering what schools I could possibly get into with these scores?

ACT: 28

AP/Honors Classes: Modern Euro AP, Psych AP, Bio AP, Music Theory AP, Chem H

Extra curriculars:

Private Violin Lessons, MYA(Midwest Young Artsts Symph. Orch), Pit Orchestra (Soph./Jun), Track &Field (Fresh/Soph), Model UN(Fresh/Soph/Jun), Math Team (Fresh/Soph), Piano lessons(Fresh/Soph), Officer Position in Orchestra (Soph/Junior Year), Volunteer Program-20 hours a week for the the summer (Currently-Junior summer), 2 mission trips, Community Service (50 hours so far)

I was thinking of these schools:

DePaul University

Loyola University- Chicago

University fo Illinois-Urbana Champaigne

University of Illinois- Chicago

University of Wisconsin- Madison

University of Washington- Seattle

University of California- Santa Barbara

St. Louis University-Missourri

Michigan State University

Boston University

Which one of th

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Schools are getting tougher and tougher to get into, but no wonder. My daughter has had to endure these California schools and they are atrocious……

Lock downs every week, at least, many of the kids are exited for problems, and the ones that remain have to take the Cal exit exam, no problem for any one, except high schoolers….

Your grades and achievements should get you into anywhere you pick. Be sure to visit that school and see what the campus is like. I did. I chose Long Beach over UCLA just because of the size of UCLA and the traffic that goes there.

In the end, if you didn’t graduate from Harvard, its just a degree, and trying to find a job that juggles your kids with it is just as tricky. Chances are you will make as much as your non graduate husband because companies know that you are going to take more time off for kids than a man would…..


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Try for Ivy league if you want, you’ll have a good chance at it. I’m hoping for transfer to Yale this next year, and I think you’ll definitely have an opportunity to get into some good schools. They give good financial aid for tuition, so you don’t have to be rich nowadays. Anyhow, I hope this helps. Cheers

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Harvard and definly NOT MICHIGAN. BUCKEYES RULE!