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Which college should i pick out of the following?

University of Southern California(USC)

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

University of California Berkley (UC Berkley)

Georgia State University(GSU please tell me you heard of it)

Florida State University(FSU)

North Carolina State University(NCSU)

I am looking for:

1.Major-Political Science Minor-English (i want to become an attorney)

2.Diversity (i am african american but i would like a mixed crowd)

3.Sports and School spirit

4.Faternity/Sorority(mainly NPHC)

5.Urban Setting

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Lizett M

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I think you might want to consider other questions before making your choice. FOr example, how far away from home are you willing to go? (Keep in mind that you will only be able to visit your family about once every three months if you go far away) ALso ANY college can offer you what you want, therefore you should think about how much it costs and how much aid are they willing to offer you. However, in the end it is YOUR choice where you decide to go, no one can make it for you.

P.S to be an attorney you can major in ANYTHING and then go to graduate school, so I suggest you pick something you like to do and would like to learn more about. My friend just graduated from UCLA as a sociology major and will be going to law school soon.


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NCSU covers those five pretty well I believe. They certainly have your major and minor (and numerous concentrations in them). Good diversity…all races & ethnicities well represented everywhere you go. Certainly does have an urban environment (located on the west end of downtown Raleigh…which is booming these days). I say you should definitely check them out.

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John K
Wow…I thought I was going to like you til I read you want to be an attorney! Just kidding… I wish you well.

GA. ST. University is good. If you don’t mind downtown Atlanta, then check it out. Should be very diverse.

Good luck in choosing (but maybe choose something other than attorney!).


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Kraig J
FSU is as diverse as ur gonna get. they have ur majors, good sports and FAMU is close to it. so if u eva get tired of listenin to their whack @$$ band u can go to FAMU and get it poppin. btw im black too so that’s da only reason i would answer like this.