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What would be a good career choice?

I am 22 years old. After high school I decided to go to a business college instead of traditional college. I was more interested in working since I had not done that before. I learned how to do insurance and coding for a doctor’s office. It has enabled me to get a good job in a doctor’s office. I work 25 hours a week at $9.00 an hour which is sufficient for my bills. However, I am getting married next month and I want to go back this month to get a better job to help my soon to be husband support our future family.

I keep leaning towards elementary education, but children’s parents are bringing them up more disrespectful than ever. That would also take 4 years. I thought about cosmetology because it would be a fun career, probably not as fruitful, but would take less time to complete school.

Are there any good 2 year degrees that would help us out faster? The college has a wonderful nursing program that can be completed in 2 years, but I’m afraid of infectious diseases. Any ideas?

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You can get 2-year degrees or certificates for:


Dental Assistant

Early Childhood Aide

Veterinary Assistant



pharmacy Tech

some accounting


you will be spending 2 years in school, so will it be worth losing 2 years of income to go do something else, or do you need to work during those 2 years?

Elementary education in Ohio takes 4 years plus 2 more… Trust me I’m working on my master’s now, after teaching 3 years.

I have a cousin who did the dental assistant and loves it. Check with your local community college and career and technology centers (vocational school) for high schoolers… sometimes they offer adult education classes.


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Elementary education is Awesome. I am going to major in Elementary Education. I want to be a 1st grade Teacher.

I am going into my 4th quarter.

Its good to have an advisor at the college. I talk to my Advisor every week. He’s great.

Talk to your soon to be husband. Tell him what you would like to do. He will help you out.

As far as supporting your future family is important. Teaching is a good career choice.

I hope this helps


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Try being a Journalist.

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do something you like that will let you be around your family alot