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What is the hottest computer related course nowadays I can do staying at home?

I did computer systems engineering from the best university in Pakistan 9 years ago and my degree is equivalent to B.S here & recognised here without any further exams. But I have zero work experience. I just wanna bring myself into the computer market inorder to earn a decent income preferably through stay at home projects.

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Would seriously like to know what the winning answer is here.

I am facing a similiar problem.

The only thing I can say to help is some information I derived from Yahoo’s education section. There is an article there titled “Top 10 Jobs Where Employers Come Looking for You.” Two of the the top ten are computer software engineer and computer systems analyst.

I am also currently using The Wizard of work, 88 pages to Your Next Job to try and enhance my resume because I think I have some serious issues with it. If you would like to talk further you may e-mail me.


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Take a Java course.