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What are my chances of getting into syracuse university?

I got an 1130 on my sat’s not including my writing which i got a 590 on and my GPA is about 3.2. I’m also in multiple school activities and out of school things. Do you think i have a good chance of getting into Syracuse for the fall of 08?

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Its going to be hard but you might be able to get in. go for excellent teacher &consoler recommendations & a great essay. Heres what Syracuse said on their website:What is the average GPA and SAT score? All applicants to Syracuse University present a variety of academic and extracurricular credentials. Therefore, it’s virtually impossible for us to use a set formula to determine who we admit each year. The Admissions Committee will review your application individually, taking into account your academic credentials, as well as your unique personal qualities. For students admitted for the fall semester of 2006, the average GPA was 3.6 and the middle 50% of SAT scores ranged from 1130-1310.