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University of Maryland, College Park?

im considering University of Maryland College Park. One of the main concerns i have is what is the college looking for. My current GPA is 3.6 (should be higher when i graduate) but my sat scores where terrible ranging below the 500s for each subject. do i have a chance? whats the minimal GPA and SAT scores? What majors do they offer? and last do they except pets? i have a turtle and i want to take it with me but i dont know if they would allow him to stay.

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Youve got a shot but a sure shot if you go try to transfer. I transferred this year after not getting in after my senior year. I went to Penn State for a year and transferred for in state tuition and a minor i wanted to do. I had a 3.2 cumulative in hs and a 1020 SAT

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Omer K
Uni of maryland college park SATs

Test scores SAT verbal scores over 500 93%, SAT math scores over 500 95%, ACT scores over 18 N/R, SAT verbal scores over 600 68%, SAT math scores over 600 78%, ACT scores over 24 N/R, SAT verbal scores over 700 17%, SAT math scores over 700 29%, ACT scores over 30 N/R

Sorry, your chances of getting in are slim. Best look to colleges with lower SAT scores, or retake the SAT. (Bear in mind though that the SAT is a pseudo-IQ test, so unless you have reason to think you did well below your ability the first time, the second time around wont be that different (best 150 point gain total).

P.S Turtles ROCK!


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i does not touch U of M, any area. I did an online software with them and that they botched up my grad fed scholarship and skipped over my letters to them. It too 2 yrs to get them to lower back off. they’re going to forget approximately approximately you or inform you one element and do yet another. they’re worse than druggies and………. they’re the greater serious college contained in the US!!