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UCF Molecular Cell Biology Syllabus? HELP!?

I know this is probably a waste of time and that the odds of anyone being able to help me with this question are 99% negative… but I’ll ask anyway. Does anyone that went to Univ. of Central Florida and took Molecular Cell Biology (PCB 3255) with professor Robert Shetlar still have that class’ syllabus? I need the syllabus of that class to get a promotion at work and I’m going crazy trying to look for it since I threw it away b/c I never thought I would ever need that thing again! I e-mailed the teacher already but he’s on summer vacation!! HEEELPPPPP!!!

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A few days ago

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Hi, I go to UCF, but I haven’t taken the course you’re talking about. I do have some suggestions though:

1. Try placing an ad on the UCF Gold Pages.


2. Does Professor Shetlar have any TA’s available? If he does, you could try getting a syllabus from them.

3. If you’re super desperate, try placing an ad in the Central Florida Future’s Classified section.


I hope these help, good luck with your promotion!