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Kathy D

top dance/ peforming arts colleges?

i know juliard.

but can i have a few more?

please & thank you

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There is no organization that ranks college dance programs because their missions are all so different. All I or anyone else can give you are our biased opinions of “top” programs. But what is most important is what you want out of dance program. And by adding the term “performing arts” into the mix, your question becomes far too broad. If by “performing arts” you mean “musical theatre,” for example, I know of universities that are considered tops in musical theatre but not in dance and vice versa. For some universities, it can be next to impossible to major in both, if that’s what you’re thinking of doing.

I strongly recommend that you get hold of Dance Magazine’s College Guide


as well as Peterson’s College Guide for Performing Arts Majors.

I know a lot about college dance programs and helping college-bound dancers to find the right fit, so if you can be more specific (preferred dance styles, what you want to do after college, etc) I might be able to provide you some more names. For future reference, the famous performing arts college is spelled Juilliard, with two i’s and two l’s.


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Depends what kind of dance your interested in mostly but University of Indiana, Butler University, Boston Conservatory, University of Hartford, Florida State, U of Texas Christian, North Carolina School of the Arts (to name a few)…

I’d recommend getting a Peterson’s Guide for the Performing Arts from the book store (or library) – its a huge thick book w/ every college in the u.s. that has dance and you can look through and better choose a dance college that focuses on the style you want and the degree (B.A vs B.F.A. degree in dance or dance education etc.)

I also wrote a good article about how to study abroad in college as a dance major –> please check it out here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/302660/study_abroad_for_college_dancers_and.html)


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