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Daniel K

Stanford university?

What are the requirements for entry into Stanford university?

I live in New Zealand and in NZ the school does not use SAT tests but NCEA. Anyway could someone plz tell me what the minium requirements are for entry?

Thanks a hundred

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While the school will probably be interested in your NCEA score, Stanford expects all English-speaking applicants to take the SAT. You can probably find it offered somewhere in New Zealand.

As for the other requirements, you simply need to be a top, top student–especially as an international applicant, with top grades and SAT scores, class ranking (if you have one), an amazing essay, great recommendations, and great extra-curricular activities. Stanford is one of the most difficult schools in the country to get into–U.S. News ranks it higher than many Ivy League schools.

Additionally, there are very limited financial aid resources for international students. Therefore, Stanford considers an international student’s ability to pay in their admissions decision.

Good luck, though–just know what you’re up against.