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Spanish explorer; quiz?

1. Who was Juan Ponce de Leon?

2. What does his name mean?

3. What did he discover?

4. What was the name of the place he discovered?

5. What has he searching for?

6. Why did he go there?

7. When was he born?

8. When did he die?

9. What was his job?

10. Where was he born?

11. Where did he die?

Please tell me any resources you’ve used.

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1.) a guy from spain

2.) John Ponce (?) of Leon (town)

3.) indians, Puerto Rico…(was guv there from 1510-1512)

4.) later tried to find island of Bimini, but found Florida

5.) the fountain of youth

6.) to find it; he thought Florida was Bimini, which natives said was where the fountain was…

7.) 1460

8.) 1521

9.) explorer

10.) in Leon

11.) in Cuba


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He was a sailor from Madrid who got lost in a storm and ended up in Florida

John Ponce from Leon


Ponce town, Florida

The fountain of old age




Unable bodied seaman

Cadiz, Spain

Miami, Florida


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is this a test at school?