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Should I get a degree in english or journalism?

I want to write fiction but in the meantime need to let a company know that I am attending college and working toward some degree. Which is more marketable?

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Zoe S.

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I would go with the journalism. Yup, way more marketable. I’m going for a B.A in Communications (I want to transfer to UCLA), and I would like to do some writting too. If you’re planning on going into a state, or private university, most schools have a description of the majors and minors, and what you can use them for. Make the research. There have been a lot of journalists that have written fiction. But, it’s definately up to you.

Example: English B.A. (UCLA)


Example: Communications B.A (Journalism, UCLA)


Hope you find this useful. Good Luck!


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Love Exists?
well if you want to write fiction stories then major in English maybe with a minor in marketing.

but Journalism is more marketable in my opinion.

because in journalism you learn a lot about a lot of different things while in English the main focus is well just English and plays and all.

Good luck