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Salary of Math/Economics graduate !?


Is Math and Econ undergrad degree useful (BSc) ?

Can I get a good Job in Financial Firm (in States/Canada )with Bachellor degree in Math (BS) and Economics (BA).

Everywhere I see on website Employers ask for Acccounting Designation or Finance degree !!.

One more question I know it would depens on alot of things but can anyone give me the rough estimate of what Salary can student expect with Double Major in Math and Econ once he graduate.


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Fred F

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Math and Econ? Expect to start out about half the income a local school janitor makes.

Your skills and base of knowledge is too general to land a real job. You could get a nice job as a manager trainee at a McDonalds. Just practice “Do you want fries with that?”


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lmao. with those degrees, teaching is the only decent option.

Im an economics and finance major and am interning at a investing firm. You do need that “financial” component to your major to work at any sort of financial firm. Sorry but thats the truth.