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Questions on Devry?

Im looking at Devry for Computer Information Systems with focus on Web Development and Administration. Im currently doing Sales and Customer service and looking for a change. I have always been intrested in the internet, im very computer savy and figured it was a good fit.

1st. Is Devry recognized by most employers?

2nd. What type of jobs/pay would i be able to get into with this specialty?

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1. Recognized yes. But is it as high as USC, Notre Dame, UCLA, etc recognization ? No.

2. If you live in California, plenty of jobs. For that is where majority of the tech jobs are. Pay in the 40K range. The golden days of the 90s are over. Companies not forking over a lot of money for tech people unless they are proven tech people.


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DeVry started out as a vocational training school, with studies based on a specific course of study. They offered their own “certifications” and prep classes for other certifications. It was the equivalent of going to a business or nursing school, and the highest degree you could get was an Associates.

Now, they’ve expanded and offer more advanced (and robust) degrees, but most Information Technology people still consider graduates to be less well-rounded than those students who come from a traditional college background.

Many IT jobs list college degrees, even Masters degrees, as a requirement. If this is a certificate course and you don’t have a bachelors or masters degree, the program won’t open any doors for you.

Sweatshop consulting places usualy want grunts who can code and that’s where many DeVry graduates find their niche. It’s a tough way to start in the business, and the career path is limited. The IT industry took a major hit in terms of jobs once outsourcing to other countries became a standard. There were massive layoffs and unemployed programmers.

With a Web Development and Administration degree, you could get a consulting job programming websites, or work in a support role keeping webpages up to date. There would probably be very little in common with your current position, unless you become a technical representative for a software firm.

If you have a particular company in mind, check out their job listings and see if the skill you’ll learn at DeVry will meet their requirements. If so, you’re probably okay.


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1st. yes, lots of employers recognize Devry

2nd. you could become computer programmer and make as much as Lebron James.