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Out of these choices which college should i pick?

University of Southern California(USC)

University of California Los Angeles(UCLA)

University of California Berkley(UC Berkley)

Arizona State University(ASU)

Georgia State University(GSU)

Florida State University(FSU)

I am looking for diversity (i am african american) and for the campus to be in a urban setting.

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I recommend:

UCLA! (I’m a Bruin)

– 40,000 people on campus everyday from all walks of life, ethnicity, religion and lifestyle. Definitely one of the most diverse student & faculty population.

– Great academic reputation (behind only UC Berkeley on your list, and much better than University of Spoiled Children, oh, I meant University of Scholastic Compromise)

– Right in Los Angeles, the second largest metropolis area in the US (after New York City).

– Minutes to the beaches as well as Hollywood. Westwood Village is also a safe and great place to hang out.

Just Be!


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You should go to an HBCU, but if not, I’d say GSU.

It’s in downtown atl and there are lots of black schools in the area, so there’s your diversity.


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I’ve been pretty impressed with the people I’ve met out of Berkeley.