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medicine life !! how is it?

i want to study medicine .. i loved it from the tv shows

as in grey`s anatomy .. etc..

and i wanna ask is it wonderful and intersting as in tv ..or what .

and are they right when they say doctors have no life ..

desprate to know 😛

thanks in advance …

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Becoming a physician is a long and lengthy process. 4 years of undergraduate study usually then the entrance process and MCAT exam. 4 years of med school with 2 years of pre-clinical sciences and 2 years of clinical sciences. You do go on rotations with the clinical sciences and see patients with residents. You have 1 year of internship after medical boards then any number of years of training depending on your speciality. Family Practice takes and addition 2 or 3 years I think. General Surgery takes about 7 years including internship year and up to 10 if you specialize in an area of surgery. It’s tough and grueling including the many nights of being on call and not knowing if it’s daytime or night. It’s hours spent in libraries and labs. IF you go into it to make money then you will be disappointed in the long run. If you go into it for the challenge and you really care about the people involved, then I think you will find it very rewarding and worth the sacrifices.

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