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Grandpa’s Stories

My Grandpa sat on his rocking chair next to the window. He was enjoying the cool Guyana breeze that extended its grasp from the Atlantic. From the outside, it looked like a prison because of the safety bars that were attached to the window ever since the house was built. But from inside it was a smaller version of heaven. I sat in the hammock across from my grandpa’s chair. I would sit there peacefully with my grandpa. If I was tired (which was almost never) I’d sit still. But if I was normal, the energy that you would get from an average six year would come out. I would push my feet off the old wooden floor and kick off the yellow wall, so I could swing higher each and every time I went up.

Grandpa and I would share laughs and jokes. He would tell me rhymes, stories and my favorites his memories. I would ask him tell the ones that he remembered the most. “Grandpa, Tell me the story! Tell me the story!” I would cautiously slow down the hammock and open my eager ears and anxiously wait for him to start and get to the end. Just so I could laugh until it felt like my stomach was shrinking. I enjoyed that story more that any toy I had or any story that I’ve heard.

To others it was just a story. It would cause a chuckle or a quick smile. Maybe some won’t give a reaction. But I know for me, it was the funniest thing in the world. I would laugh so hard sometimes, I‘d interrupt my mom from her cooking and she would yell at me. I would have to hear that story more than once a day. The peculiar thing was no matter how many times I’ve heard that story; I’d laugh just as hard as I did the first time. It was kind of like a private joke because my grandpa would laugh just as much as I would, each and every time.

I miss being in my old house, and I miss Guyana. I miss my old school and old friends, neighbors and a lot more things. But one thing I miss the most is my grandpa… And I miss hearing him speak. I miss being in the hammock, kicking off those pale yellow wall and listening to my grandpa’s stories. I would give anything- and I mean anything to be there again.

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Yes you are lucky to have grandparents.I haven’t had one since I was 14.They died very paainful deaths that are still haunting us today.A type of cancer that is genetic.My grandma was 58 and grandpa was 70.I miss them alot.