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Is there a way for me to earn a degree through ‘life experience’?

I’m 28, and have been living abroad for five years as a teacher. I have extensive travel under my belt, and am a near fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese. It’s time to go back to the U.S. soon, and I’m weighing my employment options. I just don’t want to have to study for four years to get my bachelor’s. Is there a university out there that’s willing to quantify and validate my life experience as credits towards a degree? FYI, I am strong in the fields of anthropology, K-12 education, linguistics, and psychology; I do a lot of reading and studying on my own. Thanks for your time!

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Actually, the other posters are both right and wrong. Any university that will simply grant you a degree based on life experience is a diploma mill, and should be avoided. However, some universities, especially those that have decent sized adult programs, will allow you to take some tests to see if the knowledge you have in certain subjects will allow you to waive out of certain classes. In some cases, they will give you college credit. In other cases, they will simply allow you to skip those classes, or take higher levels of that subject with out the introductory prerequisites. These are CLEP exams.

A lot of colleges allow you to take these exams. So it’s worth it to first research what schools you think you might like, and then to inquire about CLEP. But just to get you started, some colleges that are reputable, and which offer such opportunities include Dominican College, Nyack College, St. Peter’s College, San Diego State, Georgia Southern, Kennesaw State, Bentley College, U Louisville, Central Michigan, California Institute of Tech, Biola, all the Cal States, Pepperdine, and most community colleges. In all, about 3000 universities will accept CLEP credits, so it’s worth it, again, to ask the unis you’re most interested in.

There are other ways to speed your schooling along. Take winter term and summer term classes. Take extra classes each semester. Enroll at a university which has an “accelerated for adults” program, like Bentley or Dominican or St. Peter’s or Mercy, which packs more credits into less time.

No matter what, make sure the university is both appropriately accredited and well respected.


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No. ‘Universities’ that grant life experience degrees will give one to anyone, they don’t care if you have experience or not. So it’s not considered a real degree, and claiming one on a resume is considered lying.

You can definitely place out of intro level courses, but I very much doubt any university will give you credit for simply speaking a language already. You’ll still have to complete 4 years worth of credits to get a degree.


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It’s very unlikely that you’d be given credit, but it depends on what you want to study.

for example, if you wanted to do a degree in Chinese, they’d probably let you straight into the 2nd or 3rd year if your language skills are that good, or if you wanted to study Education your teaching experience should count for something.

Best thing to do is call the admissions office of the uni you’re interested in and have a chat.


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you may bypass to a temp service which will place u in a job.. normally u might desire to take a typing attempt ect.. and then they place u in a job.. that could get u some expirence then u can circulate on finding for a fulltime placement. additionally normally you will get employed on by using a artwork co-op, on the college so verify into that.