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Is it possible to get accepted into a pre-med program in college if I only have a 3.0 gpa and a 20 act?

I have just realized recently that I really want to become a doctor but I think my poor grades will hold me back. Will my poor grades hold me back into getting into a college with pre-med?

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No, Pre Medicine is not really a major degree program. What you would do is major in something like Biology or Chemistry and minor in Pre Medicine, so that you will make sure to get all of the prerequisites done for Med School.

Some colleges these days are offering General Science degree programs for those who want to get into medical school, vet school, dental school, or other Professional Schools.

In other words, colleges aren’t too concerned with your choice of major until your Junior year, which is when most schools require you to declare your major. They do this because it is likely that you will change your major at least 2-3 times before your Junior year.


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You have two options. Either you would go to a four-year school which accepts students with a 3.0 and a low ACT, or you can go to a community college and improve your record before transferring to a four-year school. You won’t have a harder time getting into college as a pre-med student than you would in any other major, but you would have to improve your performance considerably in college in order to get into medical school after college.

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No, you makrs should not hold to back to become a doctor. However, you must take your college education serious if you want to get into med school.