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Mr. Cellophane

Is it important to you to have an admissions person that graduated from that college?

I just want to see how some of you feel. i won’t interject my personal opinion.

Also, would you prefer a young recently graduated person or someone that has more years under their belt but is still a graduate of the college?

I’m not looking for the BEST, i’m looking for the most THOROUGH answer.

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Yankee Micmac

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Okay, this is just my personal opinion, when I started looking around for a school, most of the admissions people were looking to secure that student’s arrival in the fall, like a number on a spreadsheet, the only things they would say is that they have 100’s of programs to choose from, blah, blah, blah, okay, so basically every school has the same basics.

The school that finally got me and my big financial aid, was the counselor that actually took the time to listen to my goals, even though at the time, it wasn’t entirely clear to me. They took the time to answer my questions and doubts. That counselor was a graduate of the school I went to. They could even give me tips on how to get the edge in computer labs, which instructor’s would push you, which ones would take the time to help you.

I’ve never thought that age was really important, but a young person versus an older person? It may be just me, but I prefer to talk to someone who knows what it’s like to be an undecided 17 year old. They’ve got a degree? Great, but knowing what that school is like from the inside?

It’s kind of like the difference between learning to drive from another 16 year old, versus an actual licensed driver. My 5 cents, love, you know what I think.


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I would not care if they graduated from that specific college or not… In my experience, the people who worked at the college who had some gone for at least a year of classes at some university, etc. knew much more about the processes of college, the ins and outs, etc. than a person who didn’t.

That being said though, as long as a person gets the training they need to answer questions for their position and knows what to do to fully inform the person they are trying to help, then college doesn’t really matter.

Age doesn’t matter to me.

I did notice when I was looking for a job at the university I went to, after I had graduated, that all the positions having to do with helping students, filing, paperwork, etc. all required the person to have some type of four year degree -didn’t matter which one.


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Honestly, whether the admissions person has graduated from the college I am attending makes absolutely no difference to me – only that the be educated and actually know, not just have a clue, what they are doing. Age also makes no difference. Maybe it’s because I’m more of a ‘non traditional student’ or who knows what…but these items just aren’t factors for me.

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