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Interview at Duke University–What kinds of questions to expect?

I interviewed there 5 years ago. I thought the interviewers to be quite stuffy, and not at all friendly or welcoming. I drove 8 hours for the interview, only to be told within the first 20 seconds that I was much less qualified and educated than most of the other candidates! Now I have another interview. What does Duke want in an employee?

BTW, years ago my roommate had an interview with Duke to attend undergrad school–they told her during the interview that she was “not Duke material”!

Your experience and knowledge on the subject are appreciated.

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I worked on a project a few years ago where we were comparing the training materials used by interviewers from different colleges. The materials from Duke were some of the samples we compared. I can tell you absolutely that the training materials explicity say that the interviewer should NEVER express an opinion about whether the candidate is qualified or not. That is not the interviewers job – the admissions office will decide that! And the materials explicitly say that the interviewer should not make direct comparisons between candidates.

It is too bad that you and your friend had bad experiences. I’m sure that the vast majority of Duke interviewers are not jerks like those two guys apparently were.

The purpose of college interviews is mainly to inform the students about the college, not to make them feel like they are being persecuted!

Duke is one of the largest private employers in NC. They have a good relationship with their staff – you will probably have a fair interview where they will honestly try to figure out if you are the right person for the job.


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Good Luck with that – I would suggest reading more up on the University and you should do as fine as your going to do.

Good Luck!!!