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Indiana student,Should I stay at community college or transfer??

First year student at a community college(CC), doing very well so far. I HAVE to transfer to Indiana University(IU) to get my degree in Radiography(x-ray). I attended community college to get my general ed. classes out of the way. CC is cheaper and alot easier, I am FULLY covered at CC,

Will I be fully covered at IU??

Also the IU website states that they take prefrence to their own students instead of transfer students for the Radiograhy degree. I’d Hate to take all the PreReqs and not get into the degree I want.

Should I continue at CC for my PreReqs or should i transfer next year??

By the way I make sure classes transfer correctly before I take them. And I know of One I must take at IU before I can start on my degree but maybe I could take it the summer before?

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A university program is a very expensive way to become a radiologic technologist. You can go to a CC based program or even a hospital based program and end up with the same result. ANY employer only cares that you are ARRT and state licensed. They do not care how you got licensed. I have never had an employer ask me what school I attended or how my grades were in school. My prospective employers want to know how many licenses I have and how many modalities I am trained in. For example, a RT with multiple licenses (CT, MRI, fluoroscopy, mammography) will be able to get a higher salary than an RT who has just the RT license. A RT, who has a AS or BS, will not make any more money than a RT, who graduated from a college based program. If you haven’t already, I suggest you observe an imaging department near you. You can see what the job entails, and you can talk to RTs. Find out where they got their educations and ask about their experiences.

There are many programs in Indiana. I am not sure which ones are near you, as I am from California. But check them out as well. You would want to find out the pass rate for the ARRT for each school. You will get the same education and the same result…..

At this site, search “radiography” and “Indiana”. It will provide you with a list of programs, and you can click on each program for more information.


For example, the tuition at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Radiology is $5500 per year. At Community Hospital East/Community Health Network, also in Indianapolis, the yearly tuition is $3000. At Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana in Indianapolis, the tuition is $2470. At St. Joseph Hospital/St. Vincent Health in Indianapolis, the yearly tuition is $2000.

The full list of radiologic technology schools in Indiana:

Columbus Regional Hospital Columbus IN 47201

University of Southern Indiana Evansville IN 47712

Fort Wayne School of Radiography Fort Wayne IN 46802

University of Saint Francis Fort Wayne IN 46808

Indiana University Northwest College of Health and Human Services Gary IN 46408-1197 Hancock Regional Hospital Greenfield IN 46140

Community Hospital East/Community Health Network Indianapolis IN 46219

Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Radiology Indianapolis IN 46202-5111

Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Indianapolis IN 46216

St. Joseph Hospital/St. Vincent Health Indianapolis IN 46260

Indiana University Kokomo Kokomo IN 46904-9003

King’s Daughters’ Hospital and Health Services Madison IN 47250

Ivy Tech Community College-Marion Marion IN 46952

Ball State University Muncie IN 47306

Reid Hospital & Health Care Services Richmond IN 47374

Indiana University South Bend South Bend IN 46634-7111

Ivy Tech Community College-Wabash Valley Region Terre Haute IN 47802

Good Samaritan Hospital Vincennes IN


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I think you should apply this year just to see if they accept you. Another option would be to call up the school and make an appontment with the advisor there as well as the one at your community college and get some advice from themm. With financial aid… it is not the same. I went to a community college and transfered to Texas Tech and I was almost completely covered at Tech where as at the community college I was not covered at all. Anyway, you should finish at the community college b.c even if u dont get into the radiology program b.c of preference you can still transfer there and take classes that you would have to take anyway at a 4year instution that are based around Radiology. Then you can just apply again the next year.. and since you would be a student there your chances are higher! Good Luck!