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Im writing my college admission essay.The topic is bump in the road My bump in the road was overcoming bulimia

How should I go about writing this essay? I want the reader to think, cry, laugh. I need help with the body paragraphs, should i give a narrative about what happened to me. Like should I state stats? then go into my story? How should I capture the reader immedietly and keep them interested? HELP PLEASE THANKS GUYS

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Brian C

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I would suggest ending with stats, so after reading your, the reader will see things like, how many people have bulimia and other stats. I would start off with talking about how you were before bulimia to emphasize how it affected the way you acted and to show some of the causes of your bulimia. Then I would go into your story, showing things like, how you hide your bulmia, the affect on your family and friends and on your body, how you overcame bulimia and the struggle there. Those are just some general I can think of, it is your story though, so it is yours to tell.

Your could also start the paper by just talking about bulimia, not the stats, but what it is. Define it, talk about the symptoms, thing like that.


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If you want to leave an impression, definitely start with something very personal that makes the reader want to go on reading. Think about what led you into bulimia – have you always been a person doubting yourself, your abilities? Did you feel like you were not up to life…? Something like that.

A “narrative of what happened to you” would not be a proper essay, but just telling a story. Try to really keep in mind that the focus of your essay is not supposed to re-tell details, but your “bump in the road”. Try to come up with one or maybe two situations that really stand out, such as the moment when you realized you needed help or that something was wrong, or the moment when you really felt good for the first time again in a longer while etc.

Stats are something you should, if at all, save for the ending. In the last part of your essay, open up a perspective. You can quote a study about how many girls/boys deal with eating disorders or what the particular reason was for you to slide into bulimia – then definitely keep an eye out for a solution, a perspective, an outlook. Whatever you do, close your essay on a positive, self-assured and focussed note.

Good luck with your essay and admission. =)