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I need some help creating a professional resume?

I am currently a junior in college studying Public Relations and Advertising. We had a speaker come to class that I contacted about internships. She would like me to send her a copy of my resume. How do I construct a professional resume while still in college? Is a cover letter necessary? What should be included in the cover letter?

Any of this information would be very helpful, also if anyone is willing to check my resume and help me work it out, that would be very helpful.

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A “professional” resume while you are in college means any other internships you have done, volunteer work, awards (scholarships), summer jobs and special skills (lab work, computer programs, etc). You can include any relevant classes if you think they are important. Make sure you have your college name, expected graduation date and GPA. Do NOT forget your GPA!

Since you are not sending your resume randomly, I don’t think one is necessary. But if you would like to have a more personal tone to your resume you can include one. The cover letter should include your motivation for the job and why you are qualified, without re-stating what is in your resume.


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check out monster.com or career builder for tips.

each resume should be custom for the job you are applying for.

generally, you should include your

name address phone# email

major GPA minor GPA

relevant work experience

activities in school

the experience section should list about 3 bullet points each using adjectives about how your experiences help you to be prepared for the job you are applying for.

never make it more than 1 page

and definately include a cover letter. another name for this is “letter of intent” basically what makes you a good candidate for the job.


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Monster. Lot’s of employers and recruitment companies bypass scooping via there. LinkedIn is likewise a internet site the place you could “promote” your self to skill employers. good success!