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i need some advise for my project….?

can you give me some reasons why you think woman should be able toserve in the armed forces…..(try to explain your reason)

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1. They are already serving in US armed forces.

2. They have skills that the services can use.

3. Equality should not be gender based.

4. Men don’t have the monopoly on serving their country.

5. Increases the dating pool for the men in the armed services.

6. The armed forces have proven the ability to give equal opportunity to men and women in uniform.

7. The armed forces offer opportunity and training to many people, this should not be limited to a single gender.

8. Diversity brings multiple solutions to problems.


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I think you should write about why people shouldn’t serve in the armed forces. There are plenty of reasons there.

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Baby boy on board [[April 16th]]
Because its america !