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i need help in a timeline about the great depression?

so far ive done this but can u check if this is like right and also if u know an fact please tell me if u cn

1929—On October 24, 1929 the stock market crashes. Then an estimated 30 million

Dollars in stock value seemed to “disappear” by the middle of Nov.

1930— Over 3.2 million people are unemployed, up from the 1.5 million that were unemployed before the “crash”.

1931— Bank of the Untied States in New York collapses and looses over $200 million dollars, making it the biggest single bank failure in the nation’s history.

1932—The great depression reaches a low point making the monthly average of unemployment 12 million.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected president

1933— President Franklin Delano Roosevelt launches the “New Deal” to help people around the country.

The Emergency banking relief Act was passed by congress by March 9th.

1934—Dust Bowl happens

1935—President Roosevelt open the second part of the “New Deal” for social security, fair taxing and farm asistan

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From what I can see of your timeline, I can’t see anything wrong. I can’t find any entries for 1940, it jumps straight from 1939 to 1945. No doubt because of World War 2. Here’s what I could find:

1936 – Economic recovery continues: GNP grows a record 14.1 percent; unemployment falls to 16.9 percent.

1937 – Economists attribute economic growth so far to heavy government spending that is somewhat deficit. Roosevelt, however, fears an unbalanced budget and cuts spending for 1937. That summer, the nation plunges into another recession. Despite this, the yearly GNP rises 5.0 percent, and unemployment falls to 14.3 percent.

1938 – No major New Deal legislation is passed after this date, due to Roosevelt’s weakened political power.

The year-long recession makes itself felt: the GNP falls 4.5 percent, and unemployment rises to 19.0 percent.

1939 – GNP rises 7.9 percent; unemployment falls to 17.2 percent.

The United States will begin emerging from the Depression as it borrows and spends $1 billion to build its armed forces. From 1939 to 1941, when the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, U.S. manufacturing will have shot up a phenomenal 50 percent.

The Depression is ending worldwide as nations prepare for the coming hostilities.

World War II starts with Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

There are a couple of years with one or more points relating to the same year (like for 1939). There might be some not as relevant as others, so have a look through and see what you think.


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Well, it began with the government making certain loans to men and women that via any goal typical wouldn’t have gotten them, after which a moderate downturn cascaded because the quantity of them who defaulted expanded, after which President Bush, with the help of President-Elect Obama…. what? 1929? Oh, sorry, I concept you intended the one who simply began.