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I live in seattle how can i take my dental hygienist prequisites online???

i need to be able to transfer to a college in washington, us so the college has to be in washington

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Brandon W

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You can take them through any of the Community Colleges in Washington. Get in touch with the Distance Education department at a college near you. They will have a listing of courses offered by other Community Colleges in Washington.

The courses do not have to be from a college within the state of Washington…they only have to be transferrable to the school you intend on graduating from.

Clark College and Columbia Basin Community College both come to mind as very reputable school. I am looking at going through the Nursing Program at Columbia Basin


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i do no longer think of on line could be greater helpful selection for you as you’re in seek of a level in dental. some form of classes are superb executed classic way and dental is one in each of them. So choose for the classic degree.