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I am thinking about declaring my BS in dietetics at SFSU…?

I love helping people, cooking, and the whole nutrition aspect.

Can anyone share some insider info about the field.

pros, cons, different carrers within, pay, etc.


Is a masters really necessary to be successful in the field.

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I am in Canada, but I assume this also applies to the US. Dietitians here make good money, and can work for clinics, hospitals, or on their own. Here, you need a 4 year degree, then a one year (unpaid) internship at a hospital working with patients. Being a dietitian isn’t all about helping people lose weight, although some of you patients will be in this category.

You will plan meals for those needing special medical diets, like Renal diets (for those with kidney disease), gluten free diets (for those with Celiac Disease), allergy free diets, low protein, high calorie, etc.

You can also work in pediatric clinics that treat kids with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes. This is the rarer severe form of diabetes that always requires insulin and cannot be prevented. It is an genetic immune system disorder that usually first appears in childhood and is *not* caused by poor diet, sugar, obesity, etc. You will help kids learn to match their insulin doses to the food they eat through a method called “carb counting”.

On that note, the growing form of diabetes caused by obesity (Type 2 diabetes) will also make up a lot of your patients in an adult diabetes clinic. You will help these people lose weight and follow a healthy diabetes friendly diet.

You can also open your own nutritional advising clinic, or work from home. Some people work in health clubs, spas, or gyms.

It is a great field, good luck!


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Keith C
Dietetics is a growing field, especially in the US when obesity is a growing concern. It’s a relatively open field at the moment, but the problems is that with all of the diet fads, it is hard to stay on top of what is truly helpful. It is for this reason that most dietitians formulate their own diets, and thus start new diet fads haha. Pay will vary with where you work and how well you do your job. In Louisiana they make about $40,000 a year.