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How to apply for MASTER DEGREE in HK as a Chinese mainland student?

i want to apply for master degree in The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology or The Hong Kong Univeristy. it is said that as a Chinese mainland student, i have to offer my TOFEL score, but actually i didn’t take that exam at all. i took IELTS exam and i got 6.5. i dont know whether my IELTS result is available or not. please tell me whether it is ok. and if it is not available, please tell me how many TOFEL scores do i need if i want to study in the univeristies i mentioned above. THANK YOU!!!

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Yahoo Hong Kong has a similiar area as answer.yahoo.com. I think it is called Yahoo knowledge. You should post your question there instead. (As you are a student from mainland China. I will assume you don’t have any trouble in reading Chinese.)

https://www.ab.ust.hk/sao/iss/contact.htm is the contact information page for HKUST. You may want to send them an email to find the most correct answer to your question.