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how long does it take to graduate from UCLA’s grad school?

Im thinking of applying to UCLA’s MLIS program. Can I do it in less than 2 years? Is there another school with an accelerated program?

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The MLIS program at UCLA is geared toward working professional and therefore the class schedules are a bit erratic (in my opinion). If you are not that picky about the classes you end up taking (rather than waiting to take the classes you want to take), you can probably finish the program in under two years (if you are a full-time student and taking summer classes).

As for other programs, the ALA has a list of accredited programs in the US here: http://www.ala.org/Template.cfm?Section=lisdirb&Template=/cfapps/lisdir/index.cfm you may want to narrow your search based on geographical location or distance learning option before finding out if the individual programs offer accelerated tracks.


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You can if you work really hard and take a lot of classes. I know some who have.