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How long does it take to apply to college???

Since most of the forms come out in August… how long does it take to Apply to the most prestigious universities such as MIT, Harvard, Yale considering the essays, interview, recommendations and sending scores in??

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It can take a few months. What with taking the test, writing your essay, waiting for an interview, etc.

If you want to shorten the time, go check out the school’s website and see what their application process is. Start collecting all the info they’ll need. Then, when the forms come out, you’ll be ready to start.

Use last year’s forms if the upcoming ones aren’t out yet to get an idea of what they want.

Like a lot of MBA Seeker’s answers, he might have some good info at first, but then he’ll throw in something untrue. In this case, top schools will consider you even if you didn’t apply early. Applying early has its advantages, but many people get in when applying during the regular admission time frame. It’s a good idea to apply early, but it’s more important to have everything you need to present your strongest case for admissions.


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Assuming you have your scores already, the scores can be send along with your application. Give recommendation forms to your teachers or whoever to fill out, they should get it done within a week (i know some teachers will have more to fill out than others). So next thing is your essay, which you should spend a good amount of time on, one week should be enough. So if you plan everything out, you can get it done with 1 week or 2. your interview process won’t come until weeks if not months later (assuming the university has interest in you).

If you really want to get into a top notch school such as MIT, Yale or Harvard, I would suggest early application. This way you show that one school (your top choice) that you are serious about them and if they accept you, you will most likely attend. In most cases, these top notch schools won’t even consider applicants that don’t apply early (they don’t want to give acceptance to someone that might not attend their school)