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How does the online college system work?

I want to get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and I need to do it online but are the core classes included and what about the prerequisites? I’m completely clueless! Please, any and all info will be greatly appreciated!

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It works exactly like any other degree except that you complete your assignments without going to class.

You will have to complete the same courses as if you were in a traditional program and the material covered will be the same. You will likely read more and write much more than the classroom counterparts.

Since you are “clueless” as you say. I highly recommend that you register at your local state university for one online class to see if this is something you want to devote several years to. Online classes are not easy and a bachelor’s degree takes 120 semester hours of credit.

If you want an inexpensive foray into online education at a good school, check out the courses at Brigham Young University. http://ce.byu.edu/is/site/courses/select.cfm?type=univ

Try something like a freshman English or math to see how such courses work. A 3 semester hour class at BYU is only $411

Another good place to test the online water is Louisiana State U. http://www.is.lsu.edu/home.asp?level=CO&online=0&nid=101

A 3 semester course at LSU is only $229.

Both of these are regionally accredited and should transfer to most colleges in the US.


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University of Phoenix and I think Devry. Taking on line classes is harder than night school. Half of what you learn is from your fellow students. You never get to know them on line. You only blog to each other. On line classes are also more expensive. The best and cheapest choice is a state university that offers both on line and on campus classes. There is also respect. Every Devry or University of Phoenix graduate I have known, were treated like a red headed step child.

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It basically works like any other college except you're more flexible when you have to study for exams. You get all the notes online so yeah it's really more easy but you still have to study. ๐Ÿ˜‰
You can visit this website for more info if you would like to: http://onlineuniversitytips.com/

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May be this site can help you