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How does college go then? for Harvard nd alll it’s schools?

Harvard university is the whole harvard thing. I have to got to harvard college and then harvard business and law school? can i go to harvard business and law at the same time after i finish college. won’t that take 11 years???!!!!

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Curious Georgia

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Good luck getting into any college with the diction and syntax in that question. Seriously, Harvard would laugh in your face if you asked them that question with that phrasing.

Why are you so obsessed with going to Harvard undergrad, business and law? There are plenty of schools in the US that have programs that are just as good as those at Harvard, and they are not as competitive. My feeling on the subject is that people go to Harvard (and Yale and Princeton and Brown, etc.) to say they went to Harvard, not for the education they will recieve.


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Munya Says: DUH!
You won’t be getting into Harvard with that type of diction.

Sorry, no offense.

To answer your question: 4 years as an undergrad, 3 years at law school and 3 years at business school. That’s 10 years, not 11. You certainly could try to go to law school and business school at the same time, but I’d worry that your head would explode–that’s a tough row to hoe.