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How do I decide what to take??

I’m leaving for college in August and I have an on-campus apartment, with a lot more room than a traditional dorm has. However, I live on the east coast and my college is in California, so just shipping a lot of my stuff would be expensive. The fact is, since I have a kitchen, I need to bring all my cooking stuff (I like to make my own meals b.c im a vegetarian), which is a lot of heavy objects. That plus the fact that I love to read and I have quite a few collections going, I just can’t decide what to bring. There is a full-size refrigerator and a oven/stove in my apartment as well as the basic beds, couches, coffee table, and desks. There is a storage area included in my apartment (at least in the online layout) and my room isn’t a bad size either and there are a lot of closets.

I just want advice on the amount of clothing to bring, what of my “stuff” to take and what to leave home?


P.S.- I have no way of contacting my roommates (there will be 3 others, two to a room)!

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First of all, if there are going to be 4 of you living in the apartment, I would not supply everything for them to use and possibly mess up or ruin. I would take the absolute necessities as to cooking utensils go (you can always buy cheaper versions of your favorites in California). If you have your own computer, you might want to take it because of any important files you may need (colleges sometimes do, sometimes don’t supply them. When I went to college, we had to use “community” types–everybody and his neighbor used the same ones. As for books, music collections–take what ones you read/listen to most often. Your parents can always send you “care packages” if you need others. Again, I always accummulated more than what I started out with by the time each year ended. Since it very seldom gets really cold in Calif., I wouldn’t worry about winter-weight clothes unless you plan on vacationing at a ski resort or something during winter break. There is ALWAYS a store somewhere that carries all-weather types of clothing lines (and if not, try catalogs). You might also check with places like UPS, DHL, or FedEx about their shipping rates–it might be cheaper than you think, once you compare prices.

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