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How do GPAs work??

how do they exactly calculate our GPAs?

how important is it? (relative to other things)

and any others??

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A= 4





Add your grades together using the point system above, then divide by the number of classes you have. The number you get is your Gpa.


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GPAs are calculated on different systems, however I will provide you with the most common method used.

Typically each Grade is assigned a # of points, such as:

A=4, B=3, etc.

What is done, is the # points are multiplied by how many hours the class counted for.

[for example: you scored an A in English, and it was 3 hrs a week: 4X3= 12]

After that, you add up all your points and divide by the total # of hours taken.

To make your life easier use this GPA Calculator:



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A GPA is a Grade Point Average, or the way that our grades (marks) are calculated in the U.S. How they are calculated depends upon whether or not your school uses pluses and minuses. Normally, an A is four points, a B three points, a C two points, a D one point, and an F zero points. If there are pluses, they are usually .3 (for example, a B+ is 3.3) and for minuses, a .7 (an A- is 3.7).

Now, given all of that, they will multiply the grade by the number of units given for a particular course. You then add this all up for all of the courses you took, and divide by the total number of units.


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GPA stands for grade point average, and is used to calculate just that.






So if you have an A and an F, your GPA would be 2.0. Yes GPA is important, 3.0+ is a safe bet with many average or better universities, but a good SAT score plays a huge part with a lot of colleges, so even if you have an average GPA but a good SAT score you can often get into a good university. I don’t really agree with the system but that’s how it is here, and it hurts a lot of people who are smarter than they seem on paper.


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Shadow Song
A equals 4.00 grade point

A- equals 3.70 grade point

B+ equals 3.30 grade point

B equals 3.00 grade point

B- equals 2.70 grade point

C+ equals 2.30 grade point

C equals 2.00 grade point

C- equals 1.70 grade point

D equals 1.00 grade point

F equals 0.00 grade point

Say you’re taking five courses, each is worth 3 credit hours.. You score A, A-, B+, B and B-.. What you do is next

(4.00*3)+(3.700*3)+(3.30*3)+(3.00*3)+(2.70*3) = a number.. You devide that number by 5.. The total number of courses you’re taking and that’d be your GPA

(Course grade*credit hours)+(course grade*credit hours)/the number of courses you’re taking.. Your GPA is basically all that matters at university because it either lets you pass or fail, you either get a scolarship or you don’t, you’re either on probation or you’re not.. It’s really important..

Hope that helps ^-^ good luck ChickA!


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gpa = (grade points * credits + grade points * credits) / total credits * 5

The higher e gpa, e better. It affects the honours classification for degree.


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‘Old & Cudley’
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