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Homework help again.?

In a certain island nation, the chief export is the pok-pok melon. This delicious melon is perfectly spherical with a radius of 10 cm. The natives simply core the melon with a circular cutter, lop off the top and bottom curved parts, and place the resulting cylinder into a can for shipment. In fact, this core is a perfect cylinder 12.0 cm tall and is the largest such cylinder that can be cut from the spherical melon.

The remainder of the melon is fed to the native pigs. What fraction of the melon is used for human consumption? (Disregard the thickness of the rind).

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Draw the figure. On a two dimensional piece of paper it looks like a rectangle inside a circle. From the center of the circle draw a radius to the corner of the rectangle, and draw a diameter that is parallel to the top and bottom of the cylinder. This will make a right triangle with hypotenuse 10, one leg 6 (half the height), and the other leg which is the radius of the cylinder. You can use the Pythagorean Theorem to get this leg, and use it to get the cylinder’s volume (radius times radius times height times pi.

Then do the volume of the whole melon (4/3 pi radius^3) and make your fraction. Hope this is enough clues without giving it away.