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Help with MLA argumentative essay on Cyberterrorism!!?

I always struggle with introductions on all my essays….Once I get past that, the rest comes naturally and I cruise to the end……..Any help with how to start it off??…….here’s the topic question:

Experts say the next threat to US security may not come from land, sea, or air but through cyberspace! Using existing weapons like embedded code, probes, and pings, terrorists or enemy nations could seriously disable America’s infrastructure. [ In assessing the vulnerabilities of our air traffic control systems, power grids, water supply, and railroads, is it possible for our nation to be fully prepared or not? Offer your arguments for or against this possibility. ]

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As an English professor, my best advice is that you skip the introduction! It’s not the place to start. Think about the topic, brainstorm some main points, pick 3 to 5 points and put them in an outline. Expand the outline by putting 3 to 5 details and supporting points under each main point. Make each of these a complete sentence, round out with imagery and examples or quotes and you have an essay! The introduction and conclusion should be written last. Take the main points and make them into complete sentences; this is how you write the introduction.

The introduction should do three things: draw the reader in (grab their interest), introduce your thesis (the TOPIC is what you will write about…your subject; the THESIS is what you will say about the topic), and forecast your main points.

The conclusion does almost the same: sum up, restate the main points, end with a “clincher” which makes the audience think.

Good luck!