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For Californians, what college did you go to?

What was your GPA, SAT scores, and did you like it?

I can’t go to an out-of-state school, so it won’t really help if you give me information about a school out of California. Thanks everyone!

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I planned to go to Orange Coast College and then transfer to Long Beach State, but fortunately I received a music scholarship. So I attended Northern Arizona University instead. The advantages of attending a community college are several: close to home, credits at college level transfer to a 4 yr. college, individualized attention, tuition is less expensive, easier transition from high school to college.

My GPA was 3.25, my SATs I don’t remember (learning disabled), and I loved college. It is so much more interesting than high school and there are so many choices available.

Congratulations on your success.


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I went to UC Irvine, and I loved it. It’s a beautiful campus, with all kinds of interesting characters. I don’t remember my SAT scores, but my GPA going in was 3.8. When I got my B.A., it was 3.9.

I did take some courses at Cal State Fullerton in the summer of ’92, stayed in a dorm apartment, and just really enjoyed the experience. I recommend CSUF as well.