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Economics /Finance thesis topic help?

I’m about to embark on my thesis but I can’t decide on a topic…my field of interest is economics/finance. I live in the Caribbean so advanced concepts will be difficult to apply as a large part of my work has to be empirical. I’m thinking about something to do with derivatives or futures markets ….any suggests as to a particular research question?

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Since you’re in the Caribbean, I think it’d be most interesting to focus on economic development of smaller nations. For instance, maybe something on how the island nature of the Caribbean has affected its ability to compete in the global financial market, and how technology emergence may change that. You could get pretty empirical with measurement and studies of the ways in which the nation’s geography has affected its economic and financial development.

Sticking to things around you would be an interesting way to go.


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I really don’t know much about the topic, but I would really like to see an innovative, creative, intelligent paper on education and it’s relation to poverty. Is it true that all you need is dedication? I wonder about people who say they cannot go to school, if all else fails, there are always loans, right? Or is the thought of those high interest loans to much.

Does an education guarantee any economic stability? I have a friend who studied music in college, she now works as a manager at walmart, not exactly applying that degree.


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As a former econ instructor, I continually ask my advisees: what’s your pastime? in case you concentration on your pastime then you somewhat are nicely-inspired. And motivation is ninety% of ending up your thesis. in case you think of you haven’t any longer have been given an pastime, then you somewhat have not introspected adequate. start up off with an particularly widespread subject rely – progression; international commerce; exchange costs. What are the aggravating econ questions which you have continually puzzled approximately? that ought to get you started. as quickly as you have pointed out a super subject rely you ought to slender it down. Narrowing it down potential you ought to study lots on the project. %. up a great no longer-so-technical survey magazine, alongside with Asian Pacific financial Literature, magazine of financial perspectives, and so on. Or google it and look for good survey articles. here you will possibly desire powerfuble suggestion (out of your adviser, who else?) as to what’s practicable or proper to the technology. to illustrate: you think of your pastime is international commerce. you slender it right down to product risk-free practices and commerce (as a results of fact of those chinese language products controversy). then you somewhat get it down added to synthetic products. Then US product risk-free practices standards for imported customer products. finally you agree on a income-fee analysis of tightening up on risk-free practices standards for rising marketplace exports of toys to the US. this remains tricky, yet i think of practicable for an undergraduate thesis.