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Doing M.Sc Astrophysics In India???

Hi all I’ve now completed my +2 and I want to be an astrophysisict to serve in my country’s space research programmes…as a first step towards my journey I’m going to do B.Sc Physics. But I’ve not much idea about where should I do My M.Sc (M.Sc Astrophysics).. Can u guys giv me info about the insitutions that teach M.Sc Astrophysics???

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There are very few astrophysicists in the space programme.

If DOS is your destination, better look at an aerospace degree,

If astrophysics is your passion, then IISc, Bangalore, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, and TIFR, Bombay have a joint astrophysics activity. Approach any one of these for more info.