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Do you think I can get into UVA?

GPA: I’m not really sure if it’s 3.5 or 3.6

SAT score: 2010

5’s on all AP tests taken

volunteered at a daycare, museum, and bank every week for 3 years. i’m in the debate team, and math club. i’m also in the national honor society, spanish honor society, and music honor society, and VP of the spanish honor society. i’ve interned at NASA. i’ve published a story and a scientific paper, and i organized a charity drive. i’m a proficient dancer and won prizes. i was also a finalist in the intel science fair

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A few days ago

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depends, are you instate or out of state? if out of state definitely need to bring up your SAT score. people out of state have avg sat scores 700-800 coming into uva. also with that grammar they won’t be too happy. also it depends, what ethnicity are you? if youre latina or afr american, that sat score will probably be ok (although bringing it up will increase your chances)