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Do you like your profession?

What is your PROFESSION title and job requirements? What is the salary? Why do you like it? What are the educational requirements?

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hi, im a throughcare manager, working in the criminal justice field with heroin and crack users. i enjoy my job, because it allows me to offer support to those who reach out for it and refer them to services that can help them turn their live around. i get a lot of fulfilment out of my role and on the whole my clients are ok.. i do one2one counselling sessions and write recommendations to the court for drug orders. i am currently topping up my psychology degree, with a masters in addiction, counselling and psychology, so that i can become more specialised and counsel all types of addicts, the course even covers sex addiction.

my salary in dollars is around $52,000, however this increases yearly. but addiction counsellors can get a lot more.


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I love my profession.

I’m a college professor. I teach twenty hours a week, grade papers for another five hours and meet with students for another two hours a week.

To be a professor, someone needs at least a masters degree in his field and he should do some professional development yearly: that is attend conferences; do workshops on better teaching and using technology; and publish articles periodically.

Salaries vary, but I make about 60 grand per year. It isn’t a fortune, but I get twelve weeks off when school is out of session.